Marramarra Lodge Surrounds: 5 Unforgettable Natural Locations to Explore

Framed by the majestic Marramarra National Park and renowned for sweeping views of the sparkling Hawkesbury River, Marramarra Lodge is a uniquely secluded haven from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In addition to its 14 private lodgings, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, locally produced seafood and exquisite wine list, the Lodge and its surroundings hold some of Australia’s richest cultural history dating back tens of thousands of years ago.

We’ve compiled several of the Hawkesbury region’s best and oldest natural sanctuaries to visit during your stay at Marramarra Lodge, most within walking or boating distance right from your doorstep.

1. Marramarra National Park

Encasing the Marramarra Lodge is one of the Hawkesbury’s most precious treasures. A park like no other, Marramarra National Park is a flourishing slice of authentic, untouched Australia.

Step out of your tent or bungalow and into the serenity of this pristine park to experience sweeping sandstone ridges, deep and secretive gullies and breathtaking ridge-top woodlands. You might even spy a white-breasted sea eagle or rare black cockatoo on your travels.

Marramarra Park offers a range of enjoyable activities from the immersively captivating to the refreshingly relaxing: take a canoe or kayak along the river, bunker down for some birdwatching, or simply enjoy a leisurely bush walk through this protected Australian paradise.

2. Muogamarra Nature Reserve

This most exclusive pocket of the Hawkesbury region is open to guests only six weekends a year throughout August and September in efforts to protect its fragile habitat. The Muogamarra Nature Reserve houses some of Australia’s most precious, untouched and culturally rich pieces of natural history, and Marramarra Lodge is proud to partner with National Parks to offer guests the rare opportunity of exploring its stunning springtime sights.

From Aboriginal rock carvings and native spring wildlife to sweeping sandstone benches and the occasional lyrebird or echidna, the Nature Reserve will envelop you in its deep-rooted magic from the moment you set foot on its secluded trails. The incredible views of the river alone are enough to warrant an advance booking to experience this once-in-a-lifetime retreat.

With only four departure dates on offer, choose from a 2-hour guided tour on the Spring Wildflower Walk, or a 4-hour guided tour on the Muogamarra Wildflower Walk. Find more information on advance bookings here.

3. Bar Island

Feeling adventurous? Board a kayak direct from the Lodge and float over to the beautiful Bar Island.

Stepping off at the jetty, you’re beckoned into a secluded, scenic, slightly ghostly heritage trail at the mouth of Berowra Creek. This quintessentially Australian quarter is brimming with history and echoes with once-flourishing Aboriginal life.

Once a meeting place for the Dharug and Darkinjung people, this tiny island pays tribute to some of the land’s cultural beginnings with storytelling signs and poetic eulogies sprinkled throughout its walking trails. Signs of the first European settlements can be seen in the old church, school and graveyard.

Botanical species like forest she-oaks and Warrigal plants, intricate shell midden and fresh oysters clinging to the rocky jetty encase thousands of years of native Australian history, which can be explored in depth with our tour guides, many of whom have Dharug ancestry and a wealth of knowledge about this little slice of native heaven.

Bar Island is less than 200m from the Lodge and can be accessed by private kayak.

4. Milson Island

Nestled in the heart of the Hawkesbury River and just a stone’s throw from the Lodge, Milson Island houses an incredibly interesting European settlement history within its lush native habitat.

Beneath the sunny grounds and picturesque walking trails, whispers remain of the island’s darker past lives as a quarantine station, then a hospital for WWI soldiers, and even as an asylum.

Now offering enticing activities and sparkling river views, the island is a must-visit during your stay at the Lodge.

Milson Island is just a ten-minute kayak from Marramarra Lodge, and a round trip of relaxed historical sightseeing will take you about an hour.

5. Marramarra Lodge

After a full day of adventuring (or even just a casual stroll through the National Park), Marramarra Lodge welcomes you back into its luxurious clutches for a blissful bout of relaxation, good food, delicious wine and breathtaking views.

Situated on Fisherman’s Point, the Marramarra Lodge site is part of the Dharug people’s traditional lands. Its rich cultural and natural history bloom from every aspect of the stunningly refurbished property, from the high-raftered dining hall to the beautiful river-stone bathrooms.

Fisherman’s Point has its own unique early settlement and convict history, and still runs a thriving market of orange growing, fishing, prawn trawling and oyster production.

With only 28 guests at a time, you’ll experience the best kind of luxurious seclusion while surrounded by the most picturesque pieces of Australiana.

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