Sink into Sensory Relaxation at Iyora Day Spa

Marramarra Lodge is renowned for its unrivalled peace and tranquility set within a luxurious natural haven. Surrounded by the glittering Hawkesbury River and sweeping native bushland, the Lodge houses a unique escape for bustling city dwellers searching for a slice of quiet, uninterrupted paradise in the heart of Australiana.

Central to Marramarra’s luxury restorative offerings is Iyora Day Spa. Run by expert therapist Justine Bedwell, Iyora serves up a sumptuous sensory experience that goes far beyond a conventional spa treatment.

‘Iyora’ translates from the local Dharug language to mean ‘people’, which perfectly articulates Iyora’s philosophy and sole focus on the guests at Marramarra Lodge.

Stepping into the spa’s earthy stonework interiors, you’re instantly transported into a peaceful, calming oasis. With lightly burning incense and soothing music to reflect the surrounding flora and fauna, Iyora has a subtle yet almost irresistible way of melting away the stresses of the outside world.

After an initial consultation, complete with lavender extract tea and still or sparkling water, Iyora therapists will lead you into your treatment room. During winter, the cosy linen beds are made up with electric heating blankets, and a hot towel is wrapped around your feet for a deliciously warming introduction. Hydrating mists are sprayed throughout the room, and a singing bowl is used to create a soothing, almost hypnotising soundscape.

You’ll then be asked to select your own aromatherapy scent, but rather than choosing based on labels, you’ll be asked to close your eyes and let your nose decide for you.

‘We like guests to choose their oils based on organic smell preference,’ says Justine. ‘It’s a nice touch, and really involves all the senses for a deeply indulgent experience.’

Iyora’s treatment menu offers a divine selection of massages, facials and body treatments, but each session will look a little different for each guest.

‘At Iyora, everything is personalised,’ Justine explains. ‘There’s no one-facial-fits-all. Each person’s skin and body is different, and we tailor each treatment to suit their specific needs.’

One of Iyora’s most popular winter treatments is the Crystal and Clay Massage. This heated massage therapy uses warm ceramics to gently knead knots away, while soothing crystal palm stones ground and balance the mind and body.

As the lodge looks to spring, Justine says that the Nourish Body Treatment will be a favourite for guests looking to revitalise their skin after a winter hibernation. The indulgent Nourish ritual softens and repairs tired skin through a revitalising exfoliation and luxurious hydrating wrap, leaving the skin with a gorgeous polished glow.

If you’re looking for the ultimate couple’s spa day, Iyora’s signature ‘Hawkesbury Retreat’ is the perfect full-body relaxation treatment to enjoy together. Delight all the senses with guided breathwork, pressure point therapy, gentle exfoliation and a luxurious aromatic oil massage.

In addition to the perfectly tuned treatment menu, the product of over six months’ development by Justine and her team, Iyora Day Spa uses one of Australia’s most revered luxury skincare brands, LaGaia UNEDITED.

Founded by Melbourne-based mother-daughter duo Dr. Jean Laing and Kristen Elise, LaGaia boasts scientifically-formulated skincare products exclusive to select spas around the country. Formulated with all-natural and locally sourced ingredients like Tasmanian lavender and crushed pearl, LaGaia’s gentle spa care range offers an exquisite result to suit all skin types.

‘People are really looking to local suppliers now, especially ones that have ethical practices and Australian ingredients,’ says Justine. ‘It’s all quite indulgent. We’re lucky to have that kind of luxury product at our fingertips.’

The LaGaia range is also available to purchase at Iyora, allowing you to take some of your spa experience home with you.

For those seeking a truly restorative getaway, a treatment at Iyora Day Spa will elevate your Marramarra experience. So much more than a conventional spa treatment, Iyora offers a pause from busy life, a moment to reflect, and a chance to let yourself sink into pure, rewarding indulgence.

‘We want to engage with guests, to amplify their whole experience. We want them to take time for themselves. We want them to leave feeling like we’ve taken all their concerns away.’

Browse Iyora’s full treatment menu here, and be sure to book in with one of Iyora’s expert therapists for a nourishing, restorative and unparalleled wellbeing experience.

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